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pokemon always makes for a good ending

a while back, i saw this on 9gag and i loved the idea:

and i was like “i HAVE to do this someday.” well, that day turned out to be today :P in my attempt to avoid studying for exams as much as possible, i decided to make a version and post it on the door of my dorm! i quickly made one, added the pokemon on the sides too, then ran back to my dorm hoping i wouldn’t run into anyone (i didn’t), used the scissors and tape, put it up, and swiftly, silently went back out. like a ninja. no one saw me, and it was great. i also tore off a bulbasaur cause i was thinking “wellll….no one ever really wants bulbasaur, so i can set a precedence to take one AND make bulbasaur look desirable!”

and then i actually started studying and forgot all about it. at 1130 pm, i trudged miserably back to my dorm, feeling really down about exams and life in general, and also kind of sick, possibly from the rough week i’ve had. so i planned to just go up, shower, and get right to bed. 

then right as i swiped my id, i remembered the pokemon sheet i’d put up! although i was kind of like “meh probably just a lukewarm response.” and then i opened the door and LO AND BEHOLD, THE PAPER IN ALL ITS CHEWED-UP GLORY:

LOL MY DAY WAS COMPLETELY MADE :D gah i love my entryway. pokemon always makes things better :D and now i’m off to sleep wahoo!